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23 year old College graduate (Business Administration/Marketing) who utilized her love for design and transformed it into her career. Meet Bionca. Always creative, and uses music and art as her main source of inspiration when designing. I live life vibrantly, full of color and tons of positive energy. Aside from designing, I run an online magazine,, dedicated to music, beauty, life and fashion. I consider myself a digital marketing guru and when I'm away from my business, I'm working full time as a Marketing Coordinator in the SF Bay Area. I am very passionate when it comes to design and marketing. I wouldn't mind doing it for the rest of my life! Aside from that, I also enjoy Photography, Traveling and Cosmetics. I am on my road to success and I am loving every moment of it. "Transform your dreams into your reality. Aspire to inspire." -Bionca

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Web Design // Graphic Design

From websites, to logos, to custom twitter or myspace pages - I do it. The process of designing is not as easy as people think. A lot of time and effort is involved.

Websites start at $500, for a more basic, simple one page design - and can go up to $1500, for a more advanced design. I charge extra for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), whether it be setting websites up for it or maintaining it. Please contact me with any price inquires, I am more than willing to negotiate.



  • Q: How much time is needed to complete a website?
  • A: 2-3 weeks. 4 at the most depending on the site.
  • Q: Is a deposit needed before you begin a project?
  • A: Yes. I only start if a customer has made a deposit.
  • Q: I would like my website to be Wordpress based, are you capable of designing that kind of website?
  • A: Of course. Most of the sites I have done are based on Wordpress. It makes it so that it is easy for the owner to update their own website.

Bionca Doll


Trying to reach me? It's easy! I'm all over the place. Whether it be shooting an email, tweeting me on twitter, or adding & sending a message on facebook - I'll reply either way. Looking just to add me? Go ahead!

If inquiring about a service, serious inquiries only please!

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